Statement from Wayne Anderson Racing Regarding Future Races with the Florida United Promoters’ Series.

Posted by: on December 2, 2013

Wildwood, Florida  (October 16, 2013)  After careful consideration of recent events with the Florida United Promoters Series (FUPS), points leader Wayne Anderson and Randy Anderson,  5th place in points, have made the decision to no longer compete in the Series.

After the event at Citrus County Speedway on September 14, 2013 Wayne Anderson was approached in his pit area by a crew member of another competitor.  After a verbal exchange, the crew member shoved Wayne and Wayne defended himself.  The Citrus County Sheriff was called in and determined that Wayne was defending himself and that the crew member was wrong for entering the Anderson pit area.  No disqualification or penalty was spoken of that night.

On Wednesday September 18, 2013 Wayne received a phone call from the Series Director stating that he would be penalized 25 points and fined $250.00.  The Series was informed by multiple track promoters that the crew member was wrong for entering Wayne’s pit area and they suggested leaving up to the Sheriff. The series went forward with the penalty. This is one of many reasons Citrus County Speedway has removed itself from the Series.

Wayne was willing to pay the fine and still compete for the Florida United Promoters’ Series Championship even though he strongly disagreed with this decision.

Early in the 2013 season, Wayne and the Series Director spoke about the ability for Randy Anderson to compete for rookie of the Year with the Florida United Promoters Series.  After reviewing the rules, it was determined that pursuant to Section P paragraph 2. of the Series rulebook Randy had not competed in more than three FUPS events in 2012, had not won a track championship in Late Models or Super Late Models and had not won a FUPS race and therefore was eligible to run for the Rookie of the Year program.

As of this date Randy was leading the Rookie points, has run 80% of the 2013 FUPS schedule and is a member.  On  October 14, 2013 Wayne Anderson discovered that the series may not be considering Randy a rookie.  When he found this out, Wayne called the Series director and was told that Randy was not eligible because he was a Co-Rookie of the Year with the Florida All Star Tour.  The director was informed that this information was incorrect and that Randy was not Rookie of the Year that year and reminded the Series Director of their conversation earlier in the season.  By the FUPS rule book, it is Anderson’s contention that Randy is still eligible for this program; however, they were notified today that Randy will not be eligible.  This is a slap in the face of Randy Anderson.

There have been many incidents, these are merely the most recent with the Florida United Promoters Series. We feel these actions are the result of one individual’s vendetta and after great thought and consideration, we have determined that it is in the best interest of Wayne Anderson Racing and the Anderson family NOT to support this type of egregious behavior.  If these same circumstances were to happen to another racer, we would feel the same way for them.

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