Airframe Intl


 Airframe International

As our name implies we are an F.A.A. certified repair station with a limited airframe rating specializing in repair and modification of sheet metal, honeycomb to metal hot-bond and advanced composite i.e., fiberglass, graphite, or kevlar for large category commercial and military aircraft.

Airframe International has the capability and expertise to bring forth any modification and/or manufacturing to meet today’s special needs.

Airframe International  uses state of the art, customized and completely computerized production control and quality assurance programs capable of handling any extent of work, whether commercial or military.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship because we enjoy it. Airframe International’s commitment of quality ensures that all work performed is efficiently and professionally accomplished in accordance with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and manufacture’s recommended specifications.

At Airframe International we make it our business to learn your requirements and arrange our services to satisfy them; not the other way around.

The following are some of the components for which Airframe International is certified:

·         Doors

·         Flight Control

·         Thrust Reversers

·         Cowlings

·         Radomes

·         Panels

·         Ducts

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